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Dictionary of abbreviations. 2012.

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  • scholarship —   1. Pursuit of knowledge. Hana imi na auao, huli (followed by qualifier; see huli2 and below).   2. Student aid. Waihona kōkua ho ona auao, ha awina kōkua ho ona auao …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • Department of Education —    Oihana Ho ona auao, Papa Ho ona auao …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • education —   A o palapala, ho ona auao.   See Board of Education, Department of Education.    ♦ To seek education, imi na auao …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • educational —   Ho ona auao.    ♦ Educational system, oihana ho ona auao …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • knowledge —    Ike, na auao, ikena; la a kea (rare). See sayings, kāpala1, cloud.    ♦ Deep knowledge, ike kūhohonu.    ♦ Unsurpassed knowledge, palena ole ka ike.   Common knowledge, ike laulaha. Seeker of knowledge, imi ike, imi na auao, imi loa, akeakamai …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • learned —   Na auao, pa a. See saying, waihona.    ♦ Learned persons, po e imi na auao, ipu o ka ike.    ♦ One learned in songs, pa a mele …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • learning —   A o, na auao, palapala, ike.    ♦ Learning very fast, hikiwawe ka ike.    ♦ Source of learning, kumu a o.    ♦ Depository of learning, ka waihona o ka na auao (of a learned person) …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • wisdom —   Na auao.   Also: lae, ihupani, mahao o, lawa.   See saying, li u 3.     Spirit of wisdom, mana o akamai.     Torch of wisdom, lamakū o ka na auao.     Seasoned with wisdom, mali u …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • Likelike — Princess of the Hawaiian Islands Spouse Archibald Scott Cleghorn Issue Princess Victoria Kaʻiulani …   Wikipedia

  • President Theodore Roosevelt High School — For other schools of a similar name, see Roosevelt High School. President Theodore Roosevelt High School is a public, co educational college preparatory high school of the Hawaiokinai State Department of Education and serves grades nine through… …   Wikipedia

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